Through MSchool, Quantal Bioscience is on a mission

to exhilarate and to supercharge the way students and teachers experience science inquiry and practice

MSchool Purpose

Those that do, teach

Master Science

MSchool Curriculum Supercharger Programs

Our MSchool programs support teachers and schools to supercharge delivery of curricula that emphasise inquiry-based learning, working scientifically skills, investigation-led science and STEM. Teachers of all Stages can access real science knowledge and skill support through our Microbiology in Depth, Communities 4 and Microbial Living World programs.


Microbiology in Depth (MiD)

Supercharging BIO & IS Depth Studies for Stage 6

Antimicrobial Resistance in Depth (AMRiD) for Stage 6 Biology 

Pseudomonas & Cystic Fibrosis in Depth (PCFiD) for Stage 6 Biology 

Microbial Stress Response in Depth (MSRiD) for Stage 6 Investigating Science 


Communities 4 (C4)

Supercharging Working Scientifically for Stage 5

Communities for Antimicrobial Discovery (C4AD)

Communities for Bioelectrogen Discovery (C4BD)

Communities for Choose Your Own Discovery (C4CD)

Communities for Extremophile Discovery (C4ED)


Microbial Living World (MLW)

Supercharging the Living World for Stages 1 - 4

Stage 1 Microbial Living World Programs

Stage 2 Microbial Living World Programs

Stage 3 Microbial Living World Programs

Stage 4 Microbial Living World Programs

MSchool Co-Curricular Programs 

We're scientists who love to share our passion for science with students of all ages. Microbiology is a science that is immediately engaging for students; a whole world we cannot see, but one that is all around us, on us and in us each and every day. Students never fail to be captured by the adventure in that idea. And microbiology is a wonderful context for experiencing Science for Real, drawing upon biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, engineering and technology to understand the world and address the challenges of the present and the future.


After School Research Collaboratives

K - 12 Students Work With Our Real Scientists

K - Year 3 microADVENTURES collaborative (mAc)

Year 4 - Year 8 Budding Scientists collaborative (BSc)

Year 8 - Year 12 Molecular Science collaborative (MSc)

Year 8 - Year 12 Industrial Science collaborative (ISc)

Year 8 - Year 12 Agricultural Science collaborative (ASc)


School Holiday Science is Back! 



Mon 11th - Fri 15th January 2021


One big week of science working with the Quantal team!

Multi-tiered Science for K - 12 Students

Over 5 days, students from K - Year 12 will work with our scientists in ability-appropriate TEAMS to develop KNOWLEDGE of DNA sequencing and bioinformatics, learn new laboratory and data processing SKILLS, APPLY their knowledge and skills to an INVESTIGATION, construct MODELS to COMMUNICATE scientific information,  and TRANSFER their scientific learning to other problems, all while uncovering their own UNIQUE passions and skills.

Limited places - 100% refundable in the case of disruption by COVID-19.

Can't make the whole week? Contact us here to be placed on a waiting list for individual days, in the event that the 5-day program is under-subscribed. You will be contacted about any available places on Monday 4th January. 

Please note though that the program has been designed as a 5-day program,

and students will gain the most from joining the entire program.

8.30 am for 8.45 am 

- 4 pm each day 

@ our MSchool Lab 

@ The King's School Science Centre

87 - 129 Pennant Hills Rd

North Parramatta

Stage 5 and 6 students - Summer MSchool is a great way to skill-up for Investigating Science and Science Extension!!

Molecular Science collaborative students - you'll join our advanced teams - there's still lots more to learn :-).


Day 4 - Cracking COVID

Around the world, we're all excited about the promise of a vaccine for COVID-19, and recent announcements that new vaccines in development are showing excellent results so far. But how exactly will they work? Take your sequencing knowledge one step further to build a model of how mRNA vaccine work, so you'll be able to teach your family, friends and science teachers!

Program overview

Day 1 - Deciphering the DNA Code

Bill Gates has said that, "DNA is like a computer program, but far, far more advanced than any software ever created". Whether you're just learning the ABCs of ATCG, or you can already read in frames, we've got a DNA sequencing challenge waiting for you.  

Day 2 - LevelingUp in the Lab

Putting on your lab coat for the first time? Or already seriously considering a career in science? There are so many lab skills waiting for you to levelup on. How many skills will you be able to master and demonstrate in a day?

Day 3 - Catching the Culprit

You've got the knowledge, you've got the skills, but can you put them all together with your team-mates to catch the culprit in our infectious disease transmission crime using real NANOPORE SEQUENCING?!

(take a look at our MSchool News in the following section)

Day 5 - Making an Impact 

Now you've also got some great examples of how useful DNA sequencing and bioinformatics can be. So, on our final day, we'll explore other areas where sequencing is and will be making an impact in our world. And even more importantly, we'll also explore how YOU will be making an impact on our future, using your unique passion and skills.

MSchool News...

We've been busy behind the scenes during 2020!





Join us at SUMMER MSCHOOL to use nanopore sequencing.

MSchool is the first and only place in Australia teaching hands-on nanopore sequencing to school students! 


Check out this video to watch nanopore sequencing in action.  




Quantal Bioscience, our research laboratory

and our MSchool laboratory are co-located

in The King's School Science Centre at

North Parramatta, Sydney, Australia. 

Since our start in 2015 Quantal Bioscience has been proud to be a partner with The King's School in The Future Project, a unique program motivating and engaging the next generation of scientists and engineers.

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