MSchool is on a mission to supercharge the way students experience science

MSchool Purpose 


Far from being about simply "knowing" a lot of stuff, science is the process by which we find stuff out.

And far from being dry, boring or "too hard", science is cool, creative and can be done by us all.


We know all of this, because we're scientists.

And we're excited, because we can see that many more school communities,

teachers, students and parents appreciate the value and opportunity provided by science too,

and recognise the need to innovate in science education and engagement.


MSchool's purpose is to help supercharge the way that students experience science.

Those that do, teach

We do because we're real research scientists, working each day on real science.

We teach because we love sharing our passion, and because we know that the future success of our industry, economy and world depends on the scientific skills and literacy of the next generation.


Our great adventure in building MSchool was launched with our love of microbiology,

the science we practise each day, and which touches virtually every aspect of all of our lives.


Drawing on our expertise, we have developed authentic and contemporary research-focussed teaching materials, teacher and lab technician professional development programs and unique incursions,

after-school science programs and school holiday workshops.

Master Science 


MSchool is our contribution to the now and to the future of teaching and learning science: 

  • We support teachers (of all Stages) as they embrace new ways of teaching science, and  

    especially research-focussed, student-centered learning.

  • We provide students of all ages with authentic experience of science as it's practised, and

    new opportunities to embrace and appreciate the creativity of science.

  • We build communities of schools, teachers, students, scientists and citizens sharing their passion for the great adventure of science.

MSchool Master Science

Unique opportunities for high school students & teachers to interact with

real scientists & access facilities. 

Microbiology in Depth

Programs to support Stage 6 teachers to support their students as they dive into Depth Studies, incl. teacher PD.

 Student Researcher Portal

Rich, research-focused online resources  inspiring & guiding Stage 6 students & their teachers, incl. Science Extension.

Microbiology in Schools

Keen to explore the microbial world?Teacher (all stages) & Lab Staff

PD & incursions.

Curriculum SuperChargers

Supercharge the science curriculum with our real science investigations, for all stages & across subjects.

Communities 4

Join our community of schools, students & teachers harnessing the power of crowd-sourced science for good.


Unique school holiday & after school programs for OOSH centres and schools at your place or ours.


Unique hands-on school holiday science workshops for student tour groups visiting from overseas.

Science for Real

School holiday workshops, our

Budding Scientists collaborative

after school program and more!

For teachers and schools

Our MSchool programs support teachers and schools to excel in the delivery of curricula that emphasise working scientifically skills, investigation-led science and STEM. Teachers of all Stages can access real science knowledge and skills support through our Microbiology in Schools and Microbiology in Depth programs, while our Student Researcher Portal and Master Science programs accelerate your students' research efforts in Biology, Investigating Science, Science Extension and beyond! You can even work with us in our MSchool Main Lab, or we'll visit you!


For parents 

We're scientists who love to share our passion for science with students of all ages. Microbiology is a science that is immediately engaging for students; a whole world we cannot see, but one that is all around us, on us and in us each and every day. Students never fail to be captured by the adventure in that idea. And microbiology is a wonderful context for experiencing STEM, drawing upon biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, engineering and technology to understand the world and address the challenges of the future. Our OOSH, after-school and school holiday programs are uniquely engaging and educational Science for Real.


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